About Us

Good folks, good banter and good spirits - we can define ourselves very easily! Join us today and discover the budding network of expat community through YankeeDesi.com, the finest way to make friends and to be in contact with the Desi community! If you’re new to the US, or looking to get plugged into the Desi community in the US, Yankeedesi.com is well worth checking out. With the dream of transforming into a 'premier expat network group' with an active and dynamic community, the site is looking for you to be a part of it, simply to bring the expats together. Join now and become an active member of YankeeDesi community and get in touch with the Desis who are already its members. You can enjoy the benefit of our endeavor to appreciate life in the US and stay abreast of events and happenings.

YankeeDesi.com is primarily a site designed to offer information to Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis staying in the US. Desis, for us, comprises any person having a root in South Asia, in body, mind and soul. The basic aim of the website is to be a one-stop information portal. We are motivated by the fact that when you visit the website, you would find it to be helpful with its updated and information-rich content, be it regarding news headlines concerning India, Bollywood news, new movie releases and favorite movies shortlisted by us, Indian restaurants, festival calendar, an updated blog with tips for the expats to adapt to a new environment or write-ups representing glimpses of their rich culture.

We believe that wherever you are in the US, there’s bound to be tiny bits of South Asia here and there, so we help you to keep your eyes peeled, and simply enjoy few of our suggestions. Not only we dream to create and present a close-knit Desi community for the new arrivals, but also focus on building the great friendships and expand the networking possibilities we currently own in the different US states and beyond. Simply, we create an environment for the new arrivals to meet the existing expats and enjoy everything US has to offer whether it be for 20 minutes, 20 months or for 20 years! So, are you now really convinced to get in touch with Desis living in the US? Through our efforts, you will feel acclimatized and always at home and meet others who have "been there, done that!"