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Selenium Real-time Project Workshop experience by iiT Workforce

Posted by sravani iit on Friday, June 12, 2020 3:19:57 AM

iiT WorkForce is a prominent IT institute based in Alpharetta, GA that provides real-time projects for candidates looking for authentic working experience.
Selenium WebDriver has been a game-changer among the automation testing tools available in the market today. As a world-class IT service provider, we are focused on offering genuine real-time Selenium automation projects in the Healthcare domain for the benefit of our enrollees who are willing to take up challenges.
Although we follow the Agile SDLC model in our projects, all our interns are likely to gain knowledge of the other SDLC methodologies as well.
Upon completion of the real-time Selenium automation project, each intern will be proficient in a variety of topics which include Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) phases, creation of Maven project, working knowledge of automation framework, developing Modular Framework, Page Object Model, Page Factory implementation, etc.
Enroll in the Selenium Project Workshop today!
Contact us:
Visit us at www.iitworkforce.com for more information.
Call us: (408) 715-7889 or email us at work@iitworkforce.com


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