Make up tips for an interview: Steal the show with elegance

Contributed by: Sukanya Dasgupta

If you're out there pounding the pavement to land your dream job and looking to nail that interview, remember three things. Be confident. Try to focus. Present your key skills and core areas. While you're busy spell-checking and sending in resumes, try not to forget a little detail. It's about being presentable. Think how your make up should be during that crucial one-on-one session with a potential employer. People tend to notice if something is not right about your looks, but they wouldn't bother at all if everything looks perfect.

To ace an interview, expertise is the buzzword. Yet, it's also important to look polished because every employer would rely on first impressions to reach a verdict. Why would they trust you before assigning a key role in their company? Only when they are certain that the candidate will be able to pull it off smartly. It's important to demonstrate if you have given an ample attention to put yourself together, traits are always better reflected by appearance.

Tip #1: Let your hair down

Visit a professional to get your hair washed and done the day before the interview. Any last-minute worries will be out of your way. The day of the interview, use a little hair spray to keep it in place and avoid a bad-hair day. Avoid gaudy hair accessories. You can even pull it back in a ponytail in case you don't want to visit a salon. Long bangs must be out of your face, it's nice for a romantic dinner, but might not go down well at a law firm!

Tip #2: Avoid getting dolled-up

Prior to the interview, follow a regular beauty regimen to bring out the natural loveliness of skin. To get ready for the interview, allow yourself 20 minutes in the morning. If you have uneven skin tone or blemishes, use a foundation and a concealer. Dab a little bit of loose powder that brightens your skin tone without drying it out. Use crease-free eye shadows in neutral shades. Define your eyes with mascara and eyeliner, never forget to soften the look. Avoid the liquid liner, use a pencil instead. Applying a little blush will give your cheeks a radiant glow. Make sure it's oil-free. Well-groomed brows create an impression. Tweeze any stray hair, use a brow gel to set your brows in place.

Tip#3: Say hello to beautiful lips

For 2-3 days before the interview, soften chapped lips by scrubbing them gently with olive oil. Apply lip balm to keep it hydrated. On the interview day, use a light-toned lip pencil and a lipstick, preferably of a light shade to bring out the beauty of your lips. Skip that lip gloss, it's too shiny for a formal occasion such as interview.

Tip#4: Make your nails the best accessory

Get a manicure. Nails should be neatly filed and shaped. A neutral polish is foolproof, use 'barely there' pink or beige polishes. Avoid the French manicure, it may not be well-liked everywhere. Do not experiment with colors, polish must be fresh, never chipped.

Tip#5: Use a mild fragrance

Make sure the perfume you are wearing isn't too harsh to catch everyone's attention. Use a mild one that stays all day.


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